Leadership Assessment Tools: The Complete List (2022 Update) (2022)

    In a coffee shop, everyone was listening to a man who was shouting over his phone.

    “Oh come on! You’re the team lead.. and you tell me you can’t mentor the guys? I took you for a born leader, damn it”

    A couple of tables away, an elderly woman, in her sweet sixties who listened to this convo, told her grandson “Son, that man is wrong. Leaders aren’t born. They’re made.”

    Leadership is an underrated quality. But at the same time, they’re the very pillars of any organization.They don’t simply lead, but work, mentor, manage, plan, and whatnot! They not only set the vision but also serve as an inspiration for others to follow.

    But whatever it is, they aren’t superheroes. They need to be assessed to discover what their strengths or weaknesses are and see if they can match up to certain standards. This can be done with the help of proper leadership assessment tools.

    Even though the concept is pretty alienated in most organizations, regular assessments can improve the quality of the leadership and, thereby, steer the organization’s overall growth.

    What does the leadership assessment tool do?

    The leadership assessment tools identify an individual’s leadership capabilities in various domains and describe what stands out best in them. It helps to figure out how a person would fit into a certain role in an organization based on that role’s requirements.

    9 best leadership assessment tools to look out for in 2022

    Let’s face it, with tons of leadership assessment tools and tests, it’s quite hard to figure out what works best for your needs and what isn’t feasible. Well, considering that we have lined up the 9 best leadership assessment tools to checkout in 2021. Scroll down to find out the one that rightly fits your expectations and needs. Here are the 9 best leadership tools to look out for this year.

    1. SurveySparrow
    2. DISC
    3. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
    4. Gallups Strengths Finder
    5. Saville Assessment
    6. Enneagram
    7. USC’s Leadership Style Self-Assessment
    8. The IHHP Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
    9. MindTools Leadership Skills Assessment

    1. SurveySparrow’s 360 Feedback

    A good 360-degree feedback tool lets you collect feedback from the employees on how their leader works and mentors them. This data can then be analyzed to know the manager’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall personality.

    SurveySparrow’s 360-degree feedback tool promises several features that make the process easier and much faster. With a compelling UI that offers both conversational-style and chat-like surveys, you are going to get a whopping 40% response rate. Here’s an employee 360-degree feedback created using SurveySparrow..

    Leadership Assessment Tools: The Complete List (2022 Update) (1)

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    To create similar employee 360-degree feedback surveys or any online survey, you can sign up here for FREE!

    14-Day Free Trial • No Credit Card Required • No Strings Attached

    Once the responses start pouring in, you can quickly spot the trends and patterns using the report-savvy dashboard.

    Pricing: starts at $19 per month

    2. DISC

    If you have been researching leadership assessment tests, it’s sure that you are aware of DISC. It’s one of the simplest leadership assessment tools out there. The name DISC stands for the four most important traits/profiles that the tool checks out for in a person.

    • (D)ominance – (task-oriented and active)
    • (I)nfluence – (people-oriented and active)
    • (S)teadiness – (people-oriented and reserved)
    • (C)onscientiousness – (task-oriented and active)

    The concept used to formulate this tool is quite straightforward and this makes the tool popular. The tool takes into account the noticeable behavior in a man and therefore, the results can be predicted beforehand.

    The tool comes in different versions and the most advanced one allows you to differentiate the behavior exhibited by the person at work and home. The final test results will let you know if you are more of a people person or a task-oriented individual.

    The major concern regarding this tool is that it provides just a surface-level understanding of a person’s capabilities. Moreover, as the results are predictable, the person can easily give wrong inputs to turn the tide in their favor.

    Pricing: plan-based pricing scheme and starts at $4 for an admin account

    3. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

    This assessment test has been in the field for more than 50 years now. Compared to the DISC assessment, MTBI is a bit more complex but much more effective. The test results give detailed insights into a person’s character traits and capabilities.

    The MTBI identifies 16 personalities and they are represented using the four-letter combination as below:

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    • Extroverted (E) vs Introverted (I)
    • Thinking (T) vs Feeling (F)
    • Judging (J) vs Perceiving (P)
    • Sensing (S) vs Intuition (N)

    One drawback of this assessment tool is that everyone using this must be aware of the four-letter combinations. Without a thorough understanding of these categories, the results remain meaningless.

    Pricing: Free

    4. Gallups Strengths Finder (Formerly Clifton StrengthsFinder)

    True to its name, the test gives you well-detailed information about a person’s strengths. The test is widely used to identify where a person can perform the best and suggests areas to improve to be the best.

    The tool motivates the individuals to work on their strengths, instead of developing their weaknesses. It figures out your top 5 traits/strengths from the lot and gives constructive feedback to improve the same.

    The Clifton Strengths Assessment is ideal for personal coaching purposes as it helps them identify the fields they are best at, but the tool fails to prove worth when the team context is considered.

    Pricing: plans start at $49.99 (one-time payment)

    5. Saville Assessment

    The Saville leadership assessment test is perfect for testing out an individual’s aptitude and personal skills. The aptitude test comprises a set of questions that assess the person’s numerical, spatial, linguistic, mechanical, and error correction skills.

    While the personality assessment tests out the behavioral and personal preferences and details the person’s strengths and shortcomings. In addition to this, the test also reveals which culture-orientation would be the best fit for the person.

    The test is certainly complicated when compared to the MTBI and DISC, but the results obtained are easy to understand. The final results are given on a number scale that describes the person’s various abilities and where he should provide attention to improve.

    Pricing: starts at $39.99 (lifetime access)

    6. Enneagram

    The term Enneagram means Nine Types and categorizes people’s behavior into 9 types with 9 subtypes for each section. In total, this assessment groups the people’s traits and behavior into 81 different categories.

    Until now, you were introduced to tests that take into account a person’s surface behavior and then check if they are the ideal leader you are looking for. In the case of Enneagram, the motive behind each action of an individual is thoroughly investigated. Thus, the results are unpredictable and vary from person to person.

    The tool envisions the motivation that led to an action/reaction, and this tells a lot about a person much deeper than what he/she appears to be. But the complexity involved in the whole process turns out to be a drawback and for this reason, many organizations don’t go for this tool.

    (Video) PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL IN HINDI | Concept, Objectives & Advantages | HRM | BBA/MBA/Bcom | ppt

    Pricing: starts at $22.50 per month

    7. USC’s Leadership Style Self-Assessment

    An accurate perception of oneself will help to bring out the best in themselves. Rightly said! The USC’s Leadership Style Self -Assessment is based on this simple idea and tells you what kind of a leader you are.

    When you yourself and the team are on the same page regarding your leadership style and trait, you get to bring out the best performance. Failing to understand what kind of a leader you are can break apart your team and demotivates them to continue under your guidance.

    This assessment helps you identify the right style and gives constructive tips to be on the right track of that particular leadership style.

    The six-leadership style envisioned by this leadership assessment test are:

    • Servant
    • Front-Line
    • Transformational
    • Metamodern
    • Postmodern
    • Contrarian

    Apart from listing out the leadership style that best adapts your perceptions and traits, the tool doesn’t help you identify your strengths or weaknesses. Also, the style is decided based on a set of limited questionnaires, and once a person masters it, they can easily divert the final outcome to the results they want.

    Pricing: Lifetime free access

    8. The IHHP Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Performing Under Pressure Assessment

    This leadership assessment test developed by the Institute for Health and Human Potential puts into test two major aspects– Emotional Intelligence/Quotient and under pressure performance. The test has to be carried out separately and the details have to be compared together to analyze a person’s performance as a leader.

    The main idea behind this assessment is that Emotional Quotient is two times valuable than Intelligence Quotient in determining an individual’s success. According to IHHP, EQ is defined as the ability to identify, acknowledge, and manage one’s own emotions and inhibitions.

    As a leader, you will have to face a number of instances that challenge your emotional stability, and to be successful, you need to balance out the positive and negative emotions.

    When coming to the under-pressure performance assessment, the tests revolve around the simple concept “Nobody performs better under pressure”. When under pressure, a person’s negative side of emotions is triggered. As a leader, one needs to be sane in such situations and drive their team to the path that yields the best solution.

    The tests are offered separately by IHHP, but in order to figure out a pattern, you need to conduct both of these tests.

    Pricing: Lifetime Free access

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    9. MindTools Leadership Skills Assessment

    The MindTools Leadership Skills Assessment assesses a person’s leadership skills based on a questionnaire that consists of 18 questions. The questions inquire about your different actions and instances that encounter in your professional life and details if you are already at your personal best or if there is room for improvement.

    The final results are driven by three basic character traits:

    • Self Confidence
    • Personal Outlook and Attitude
    • Emotional Intelligence

    Once the leadership style is predicted, you get to take a more detailed test followed by an article that thoroughly explains that particular leadership trait.

    Pricing: Free

    Surely, all of these leadership assessment tools/tests are complex in their own ways, but here’s a pro tip: it’s always better to try out two different tests and then arrive at a final decision. This helps you to find out two things – whether the tests are reliable and if the person is giving in manipulated/honest inputs.

    It’s hard to be a leader. But do you know what’s even harder? To follow a bad leader.

    Leadership Assessment Tools: The Complete List (2022 Update) (2)

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    How do I pass a leadership assessment test? ›

    7 steps to success in leadership assessment
    1. Really know the role. ...
    2. Know the nuances of leadership levels. ...
    3. Be credible. ...
    4. Be challenging. ...
    5. Bring insight that adds value. ...
    6. Prepare to provide meaningful feedback. ...
    7. Deliver on time.

    What is the most widely used assessment tool for all leadership levels? ›

    1. DISC. Arguably the world's most popular leadership assessment tool, the DISC profiling test is simple and intuitive to use.

    What is a 360 leadership assessment? ›

    A 360 leadership assessment is a 360 feedback process that helps holistically assess professionals in leadership roles. The goal of 360 leadership assessment is to provide leaders with insights into their performance, potential, and areas of improvement.

    How do I prepare for an assessment test? ›

    Assessment tips
    1. Prepare well. Make sure you get a good night's sleep before the assessment, know where you have to be and what to expect. ...
    2. Know what an assessment entails. Make sure you know what components to expect and what you will be asked to do for each different components of the assessment.
    3. Practice IQ tests.

    What kind of questions are on an assessment test? ›

    Employment Assessment Test Practice: Questions and Answers

    What is leadership assessment tools? ›

    Leadership assessments are tools used to evaluate management skills. A leadership assessment may help company managers evaluate the leadership potential of candidates applying to supervisory roles. Current supervisors and leaders may also take leadership assessments to analyze their own management traits and strengths.

    How much do leadership assessments cost? ›

    $325 to $400 per assessment, depending on number of users. Performance feedback from peers, direct reports, customers and partners; includes data on remote and shift workers.

    What are leadership tools? ›

    A leadership tool is a prescription for how to go about specific types of leadership work, using proven, step-by-step practices and leadership skills that are based on solid organization concepts helpful to more expediently address certain types of organization, leadership, and management issues.

    What is Eli assessment? ›

    The ELI assessment is an attitudinal assessment tool that captures how you currently perceive and approach work and life. It's not about your strengths, weaknesses or personality traits. It uncovers how you show up to the world—under normal circumstances and when you're under stress.

    What is leadership profile assessment? ›

    Leadership Profiling

    The profile uncovers an individuals or teams core leadership traits identifying any key constraints providing valuable insights in to how to effectively manage and/or develop them.

    What is DiSC in leadership? ›

    DiSC is a behavior assessment tool based on four different personality traits - Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Home/Strategy/DiSC – Understand your leadership style.

    How long does it take to complete the Leadership Circle Profile? ›

    Each profile takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. If you have 10 members of your team requesting feedback, you will spend a little over three hours completing the profiles. For busy people, this is a lot of time.

    How do I complete 360 feedback? ›

    How to create a 360 degree feedback survey
    1. Keep it confidential so people feel free to tell the truth.
    2. Make sure the managers are involved and committed to acting upon the results.
    3. Give clear instructions that comments need to stay constructive.
    4. Have a plan for follow-up after the results are in.

    What is Korn Ferry assessment? ›

    The Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential (KFALP) is a comprehensive assessment for measuring leadership potential. The assessment measures an individual's Drivers, Experience, Awareness, Learning agility, Leadership traits, Capacity, and Derailment risks.

    Can you still get hired if you fail an assessment test? ›

    Yes you can still get the job. If you failed the assessment, You should ask for a lower position , learn all that you can and move your way up. A lot of managers started as janitors or cashiers.

    How do you answer assessment questions? ›

    How to answer assessment questions
    1. Ask the employer to give you an idea of what to expect. ...
    2. Visualize the information in the question. ...
    3. Underline the keywords in the assessment question. ...
    4. Do readings before you respond. ...
    5. Answering questions in the reverse order. ...
    6. Use the elimination process. ...
    7. Take personality tests online.
    Apr 26, 2021

    What do employers look for in assessment test? ›

    Most important, valid tests help companies measure three critical elements of success on the job: competence, work ethic, and emotional intelligence. Though employers still look for evidence of those qualities in résumés, reference checks, and interviews, they need a fuller picture to make smart hires.

    How do I prepare for an online assessment? ›

    How to Prepare for an Online Assessment - YouTube

    How long is the assessment test? ›

    The answers are usually multiple choice and the assessments can take as long as 20 minutes to complete or sometimes, take several hours and days to finish for the most intensive online screening tests. A great majority of companies use assessments as key parts of their application.

    Should I answer strongly agree or disagree? ›

    For example, if you really feel strongly about being honest, you will always answer "strongly agree" no matter how the question is phrased, but if you think that in some situations honesty isn't the best policy, you will moderate your responses. This will show up a scale in you results.

    What is CCL compass? ›

    CCL Compass is a powerful digital tool that distills. and organizes more than 50 years of leadership expertise, allowing leaders to create personalized strategies to build on strengths and improve in areas of weakness.

    How do you measure leadership styles? ›

    1. Measure Workforce Attitudes. There are many ways to assess the effectiveness of leadership. ...
    2. Measure The Company's Profitability. ...
    3. Evaluate Strategic Objectives. ...
    4. Measure These Five Metrics. ...
    5. Look At Objectives And Key Results. ...
    6. Check The Growth Of The Team. ...
    7. Measure Confidence In Employees. ...
    8. Examine The Customer Experience.
    May 28, 2021

    How much does a 360 leadership assessment cost? ›

    360 Feedback Assessment Pricing
    Quantity per Project*Price per Report
    1 2-9 10-24 25-49 50-99 100+$400 $350 $325 $275 $225 $200
    Jan 6, 2021

    What skill should a leader have? ›

    What Makes an Effective Leader. Effective leaders have the ability to communicate well, motivate their team, handle and delegate responsibilities, listen to feedback, and have the flexibility to solve problems in an ever-changing workplace. Employers seek these skills in the candidates they hire for leadership roles.

    How much is 360 degree feedback? ›

    A 360 degree feedback survey is a low-cost multi rater performance evaluation to improve management, leadership, peers, and employees' competencies. This anonymous multi rater appraisal is a blueprint for action. Ongoing: Typical cost starts at US$95 per person receiving feedback.

    What are the tools to support leading a team? ›

    Here are ten tools a team leader can use to help them manage a team more effectively.
    • Toggl Plan. Toggl Plan is an innovative project management app with software that takes the stress out of project planning. ...
    • Toggl Track. ...
    • Slack. ...
    • Zoom. ...
    • Hypercontext. ...
    • Minute. ...
    • Expensify. ...
    • 15Five.
    Aug 8, 2018

    How do you explain leadership? ›

    Leadership is the ability of an individual or a group of individuals to influence and guide followers or other members of an organization.

    What are the techniques of self assessment for leadership skills? ›

    How to Assess Your Leadership Effectiveness
    • Complete a Self-Assessment. Questionnaires can be useful for identifying your motivations and strengths. ...
    • Observe Yourself. ...
    • Ask for Feedback. ...
    • Build and Maintain a Robust Network.
    Nov 21, 2019

    What are the 7 energy levels? ›

    7 Energy Levels at a glance
    • Level 1: Lack of choice. Victim energy. I can't. ...
    • Level 2: Anger. Combativeness. ...
    • Level 3: Rationalizing. Fine. ...
    • Level 4: Care. Compassion. ...
    • Level 5: Reconciliation. Win-win. ...
    • Level 6: Intuition. Creative genius. ...
    • Level 7: Complete passion for all aspects of life. Oneness.

    How much is an Eli assessment? ›

    Assessment and Individual Debrief | Cost: $295.

    What is iPEC energy leadership? ›

    That's precisely what iPEC's Energy Leadership™ Index assessment (ELI) accomplishes. It's an attitudinal assessment, not a personality-based one, and it puts a numerical value to the types of energy a person experiences and expresses: Level 1: Feeling lost.

    Can you fail a personality assessment? ›

    When people talk about pre-hire personality tests, they usually mean questionnaires like the Myers Briggs Inventory, the Big Five or the DISC profile. A test, like a numeracy or literacy test, has a right or wrong answer so you can pass or fail it.

    What is a leadership assessment? ›

    Leadership Assessment is a process for identifying and describing an individual's unique characteristics as they pertain to leading, managing, and directing others and how such characteristics fit into a given position's requirements.

    How do I prepare for Korn Ferry leadership assessment? ›

    To help you in preparation for your Leadership Potential Assessment, here are a few practical tips:
    1. Be Aware of the Different Types of Leadership. Leadership Potential Assessments are often used on employees who are about to embark on their first managerial roles. ...
    2. Know Your Career Goals. ...
    3. Be Self-Aware.
    Jul 11, 2022

    What is a leadership potential assessment? ›

    The Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential (KFALP) is a comprehensive assessment for measuring leadership potential. The assessment measures an individual's Drivers, Experience, Awareness, Learning agility, Leadership traits, Capacity, and Derailment risks.


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